My goal is to equip and inspire those around me whether it be in homeschooling, life, parenting, faith, design or creativity and to offer my own creativity in various mediums. 


Wonder House Creative

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I'm a creative at heart and it comes through in all I do whether it be home education, photography, design, or art. I love to explore various art mediums and am so excited to be able to start offering more of these to my amazing clients! 


Currently I'm offering custom minimalist portrait illustrations and custom illustrated story telling maps.

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the Wonder Mentorship

The Wonder Mentorship is a resource for YOU the homeschooling parent. A way to invest in yourself, to have someone who has "been there, tried that, etc" curate a learning curve for you giving you the educational strategies that will build success into your days, guiding you through mindset shifts, provide online support and a community of parents who are on the same journey.

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Speaker, Blogger, Teacher, Artist, Homeschooler, mentor & Shiplap Enthusiast.

Monique is a creative and teacher to the core. She is a frequent speaker in both the homeschooling and church world and her presentations are full of practical applications, humour and insight. 


Monique inspires, encourages, advises and is so resourceful when it comes to homeschooling. She taught me to be curious, ask questions and gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and to teach by exploring with my children. She has opened my mind to rethinking education and I’m so thankful.

~ NicolineVan Aswegan (session attendee)


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