March 15, 2018

I saw a cool picture on Sunday morning as we were praying before our service and it was packed with revelation for me. I shared it with our leadership team and I'd love to share it here as well as an encouragement. 

As we were praying I saw wind blowing into town (not too much new there - Estevan can be a really windy place in the spring lol). Seeing the wind, I stepped back a bit and asked the Lord "What is the wind bringing?"

Then I saw the actual word PEAC...

May 19, 2017

Recently I had another picture that the Lord really used to speak to me and our church family. I saw a fence and there were people behind the fence that looked sad and they could see people on the other side of the fence that were walking around free. They looked at them with longing in their eyes. Wishing for the same freedom. 

Then the view panned to the right about 8 feet away I saw an open gate. I was confused. Why don't they just walk out of the gate?


April 25, 2017

If there is one question I have asked countless times in the last few years it is "Why me?" And not in a pushing through hard circumstances, crying out of "why is this happening to me?" but as a response to the stirrings in my heart. In the deliberation of responding to invitations to teach and to speak. Why me?

I can list 10 people off the top of my head that would do it better. 10 people I'd rather listen to. 10 people who are funnier, more knowledgeable,...

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