Investing in yourself as a home educator pays off. 


The Wonder Mentorship is an ongoing subscription based program that delivers practical guidance, education and support for homeschooling caregivers. For this month we are giving everyone the opportunity to access a selection of these modules to "build their own homeschool conference". 


You get to consult the list of created modules and choose the four that are most specific to your current interests and needs. 


The module titles should be listed in the custom field below before submitting your order. 


Due to the custom nature of this purchase please allow 24 hours to recieve an email that will include the links to your video modules. Links are for individual use only and sharing with others outside your household is a violation of copy right. (Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery if purchase is made on a weekend.)


*Note - If you choose to take advantage of this offer and at a later time decide to enrol in the mentorship, alternate modules will not be offered in place of any modules you chose for this offer. 


** The Wonder Mentorship Subscription is available for $18/month and the first month includes the first 4 foundational modules + 4 modules for the month you join that is dependent on where that "track" of the mentorship currently is. If you'd prefer to subscribe to the mentorship please visit . 


This is offer is available from February 1 - February 28, 2021


Build Your Own Homeschool Conference


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