BEY is a comprehensive course for youth and families to work through. The course is broken down into 6 sections where course material can be printed or worked through online and also includes a 30 page Business Portfolio to be printed out.  Files will be sent as a PDF digital download.


The course work will sequentially take you through all the learning involved in creating your own business and understanding things like cost of doing business, branding your product or service and marketing. At the end of each section students are directed to the Business Portfolio and led through pen and paper and extra activities involved in developing their business. 


This course has a vast appeal as the solid principles apply to everything from a child’s first lemonade stand, to a babysitting business, to creating a one of a kind product and selling it. I’ve used all of these activities when developing the businesses that provide for my family!


In this PDF download (57 pages) you will find:


BEY Business course (27 pages) with sections including:

  • Introduction
  • Products and Services
  • Cost of Doing Business
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Reflection
  • Printable Business Portfolio (30 pages)
  • Certificate of Completion


By the end of the course students will have gone through the learning and process of completing a full business plan and putting it into action. It is truly a one of a kind course that is simple, to the point and full of images and engaging activities. 


* A link to download your product will be sent to you after payment is received. *

Business and Entrepreneurship Course for Youth - BEY