DIG is a card game recently imagined, created and illustrated by Monique Willms of Wonder House Creative. (Game description after logistics). Included: - 13 Grid Boundary Cards - 36 Dig Grid Cards - 50 Action Cards - 4 Ologist Cards - 4 wooden meeples - Instruction Sheet Game purchases made from this page are for PICK UP in Estevan only. They cannot be shipped. If you wish to purchase a game and have it shipped please visit the The Game Crafter website https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/dig1 and order from my shop page there. They will manufacture and ship the game to you. (Please note prices there are in USD and shipping is added at checkout). Price on this page reflects the currency conversion from USD to CAD + shipping to Estevan. (Price subject to change in the future depending on the exchange rate.) Due to the nature of manufacturing a game I am currently taking PRE ORDERS. I will order in batches of 10 games or after the shop link has been open for 1 week for a limited # of orders. The time between placing my order with the manufacturer and the game arriving after international shipping is typically 6 weeks but could be delayed due to the pandemic. You'll be sent a pick up notification when the game has been manufactured and is ready for pick up. Thank you for your patience in this process as we're very excited to even be able to offer this at all and are very excited about the print on demmand option that The Game Crafter offers. Description:A remote jungle island has recently been discovered that is rumoured to contain a treasure trove of artifacts, geological finds, fossils and extraterrestrial specimens. Four “ologists” race to dig the site and unearth the treasures. Face jungle perils as you use direction cards + tool cards to dig the site (a 6x6 card grid) and beware of raiders and stealthy opponents. This 2-4 player game will have you testing both your luck and your wits. Recommended age is 10 + . At the start of the game each player will choose a role (geologist, archaeologist, palaeontologist, or astrogeologist - yeah that’s a thing!) As you dig the site you may keep any find to add points to your collection but those in your specialized field (as indicated by the letter in the top right hand corner of a find card give you additional points in the form of field grants. Not everything you dig up is rewarding. You’ll encounter snakebites, quicksand and twisters in the jungle that throw a wrench into your plans. Occasionally you’ll dig up an advantage that helps you keep digging. In the action card pile, players will collect gadgets and actions that give them advantages while digging, allow them to thwart opponents and protect them from their opponents schemes. With a mix of individual luck and strategy along with player interaction this game is sure to delight. For a Quick Run Through of the game go to : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efptV-LlAqQ&t=55s For Full Instructions to the game go to : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fqBz-KymNw

DIG Card Game (Pick Up Only)