As of July 8 all orders are PRE-ORDERS for August as I'll be travelling for the remainder of July. Please allow additional time to get instructions on your reference images as I will often not have service. 


This bundle is the perfect option for creating a gallery grouping of custom illustrations OR to purchase 3 separate gifts at a reduced price. 


The bundle pricing includes 3 custom illustrations (from submitted photo) of 1 figure in each illustration thus for a total of 3 figures (between the 3 illustrations). To add more figures please select from the options below. Please select the TOTAL number of ADDITIONAL figures for the 3 illustrations.


To purchase through E-TRANSFER please email @wonderhousecreative@sasktel.net directly instead of adding this to your cart. 




- This is a digital product and upon completion both a jpg and pdf will be delivered. Default size will duplicate the dimensions of the image submitted at 300 dpi.If you'd like another size please let me know before we start.

** Larger print sizes are in the works. Please message for details or if you're looking for a larger printing size. 

- These are "faceless" portraits. Facial hair will be included as well as eye brows. Glasses or sunglasses can also be included.

- Any detailed print will be simplified or changed to a solid colour.

- You may print or gift as many of the portraits as you like. Not for resale.

- When posting on social media please tag my account.

- If you're interested in using an illustration for a business logo please see Business Pricing. 



- I'll have you submit 2-3 photo options for your portrait and will recommend the one most suited for a portrait. Please rank them with your preference. If you have one that is a "must have" I'm sure we can work it out. 

**Note: You must own the digital of the images you are submitting and necessary releases from the photographer. No screenshots of proofs, watermarked images or captures of prints will be accepted. By submitting a photo you are acknowledging responsibility and that the photo meets above criteria. 

- Please let me know of any background colour choices you have. (I'll also proof my recommended colours).

- Background can either be a silhoutte of background landscape or a solid colour background. 

- The turn around time for custom illustrations is 5-7 business days. 

- When complete I will deliver 3 proofs showing different background choices. 

- 1 round of minor revisions is included. Additional rounds are $10 each. (Minor revisions includes things like change of background colour, minor line changes, remove eyebrows - because sometimes they look better without, etc). 


** Please include your email in the "add a note" option in the check out. Please also include preferred background style/colour **


I will contact you within 24 hours of your purchase to start the custom process.


Gallery or Gift Bundle | 3 Illustrations

Additional Figures

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