This small SK town will always be considered home to both my husband and I. 


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8x10 inches printed on high quality thick cardstock



Hepburn School - a staple and architectually beautiful building in the heart of town.

Grain Elevator - one fo the last standing and preserved as the Museum of Wheat

Tractor - for the rich agricultural industry surrounding the town

Rink - a gathering place and nod to the excellent sports programs offered in the town

Wheat - driving into Hepburn you can't help but feel you're driving through a sea of wheat

Crocus - the prairie flower found in the fields heralding spring

Evergreens - a familiar site around town

Cross - Hepburn is known for it's faith community (a town of 500 with 2 churches and for a long time a Bible College)

Tire Tracks (wavy lines) - I had to include something that represented the "creative" driving around town. Drifting at corners, pulling "donuts" in the church parking lot. If you know you know ;) 



Hepburn 8x10 Print