Take a trip down memory lane and have your younger self visit your current self in a portrait.  


IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is created by Kai and Hannah Willms of HK Creative.  

These are kid quality and the price reflects that. 

The portrait may have minor imperfections. This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical copy.


Read instructions carefully.

1. Choose a picture of your younger self that includes the full body.

2. Take a picture of your current self. Make sure there is room in the photo to add your younger self. 

** Portraits will be of each person standing SEPARATE from each other. We are not offering any potraits where your younger self and current self are "interacting" (example - holding the younger self, hugging or holding hands). The younger self will always be added to the current self photo.

3. Email both images to wonderhousecreative@sasktel.net 

4. To order more than one portrait you must complete a separate order for each. 


In 5-7 days we will deliver your digital file as a JPG. 



Time Travel Portrait