"Turtle Island is the name many Algonquian- and Iroquoian-speaking peoples mainly in the northeastern part of North America use to refer to the continent. In various Indigenous origin stories, the turtle is said to support the world, and is an icon of life itself. Turtle Island therefore speaks to various spiritual beliefs about creation and for some, the turtle is a marker of identity, culture, autonomy and a deeply-held respect for the environment." - The Canadian Encyclopedia


As our family has endeavoured to learn about the history of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and North America we have become aquainted with various creation stories that refer to North America (and sometimes the world) as Turtle Island. 


I am not an Indigenous artist (rather a decendent of white European settlers) but in our journey to learn of the impacts of colonization and in discussing ways with my children that we can honour the Indigenous People of this land we have spent a lot of time researching original Indigenous names of the places we hold dear. 


This Turtle Island illustration was born out of a time of reflection on the original inhabitants of this land and during the uncovering of hundreds of graves at Residential Schools in our area. We grieve and we are comitted to further educating ourselves, to learning from the Indigenous voices we are privileged to hear from and to reconcilliation. 


Profits from the sales of these stickers will be donated to waterfirst.ngo whose mission is to "address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada through education, training and meaningful collaboration."


Once out of stock stickers will be go through re-prints and may take 2-4 business days to ship. 

Turtle Island Stickers