On Air

If there is one question I have asked countless times in the last few years it is "Why me?" And not in a pushing through hard circumstances, crying out of "why is this happening to me?" but as a response to the stirrings in my heart. In the deliberation of responding to invitations to teach and to speak. Why me?

I can list 10 people off the top of my head that would do it better. 10 people I'd rather listen to. 10 people who are funnier, more knowledgeable, walking it out better, and more eloquent. So, why me?

As I ponder my initial response I realize rather quickly that my response is not an uncommon one. Through out the entire bible we see God calling people to co-labour with him and we see those people disqualify themselves.

Hey Moses - want to go and set my people free?

Nope. I'm not so good with the words.

Hey Gideon - you're a brave man! Go out and save your people from the Midianites!

Nope. I am from the worst tribe and I'm the lowest in my father's house.

The cool thing about partnering with what God is doing though, is that it's not based on our qualifications. It is the Holy Spirit within us and the God who is for us that qualifies us. That's good news!

Recently I was driving and mulling over all of these things and God started to show me a picture. I saw radio waves criss crossing the earth and heard a constant noise. And then I saw disc jokeys in radio stations that were some of the people I admire (and who I think do a better job at being a voice in this world than I would) and they were "on air". They were being obedient to the things God had placed on their hearts and they were sharing the good news of God's love, truth and freedom in whatever arena God had them. But for every "on air" light I saw, there were hundreds that were dark. Not switched on.

I felt God ask, what would it look like if every believer went "on air" in every area I've placed on their hearts? In every sphere of influence that I've placed them in?

Lights would go on, truth would be spoken and hope would be declared everywhere people turn. It's an exciting proposition.

Paul paints a beautiful picture in 2 Corinthians 3.

He writes that we are all letters to the world from Christ, not written with ink but with the Spirit of the Living God. And not written on stone tablets, but on human hearts. How amazing is that? Each of our lives is a story that God wants to tell to the world.

We literally get to be walking, talking messages of hope everywhere we go. There are a million different ways that we can embody this call. A million different ways to go "on air".

God has wired teaching into who I am. I love it. Everything I look at, my brain breaks it down into how to teach it. Every revelation I get from the Lord - the same thing happens. So I'm both nervous and excited to continue to walk down this path.

It seems everywhere I look there are more people going "on air" and it's thrilling. Friends writing songs, friends recording songs, friends preaching and teaching, friends writing blogs and articles, friends starting businesses and sharing their gifts with the world! I encourage you to ask God about what going on air looks like for you? What are the things He's inviting you into that you haven't quite stepped towards yet? Leave all your disqualifications at the door and step into his ability.

He is able.

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