Worship Devotional

Recently I had the privilege to speak in our home church on what God has been teaching me in this last season about worship. It's blowing my mind and bringing me through so much at a level of peace that I've never experienced before.

The kingdom of God is fascinating and fantastic. I love learning more about God's character and how he engages us.

I don't know about you but I really love to process through the revelation that God brings and the teachings that I read/listen to. I really like to engage something through various avenues and flesh out what it means in my life and how I can walk it out daily. I also really love to create resources and to teach and to lead. It brings me so much life and I feel it such an honour to share with others. In light of all of this I had the idea to create a devotional experience to accompany the "preach" I did on how "Worship Positions Us".

My goal in creating this was to give you a fun and creative way to dig into some of the scripture and mindset shifts a little deeper and to engage what it looks like for you.

Below you can download the Worship Devotional pdf and either print it off or just use as a reference on your screen. It's meant to be more than just a one sit down kind of thing but if you want to power through it all - go for it!

In it you'll find 5 sections:

Ponder - thinking through the content

Listen - I've linked 2 songs to listen to and reflect on

Respond - a little writing prompt

Declare - a passage of scripture to declare over yourself

Create - a prompt to create something

Some of the prompts may connect with you or your style more than others. That's cool! I wanted to include a wide variety.

You can download the devotional here or click on the "worship devotional" image at the top.

If you haven't listened to the message then I encourage you to! Not because it's me speaking but because I know how powerful this has all been in my life and I know He'll use it in your life too.

If you end up using the devotional let me know what you think and if you'd like more resources like it!

~ Monique