A few weeks ago during our worship set in church I saw a picture but felt the Lord say to just hold onto it for now. I love that back and forth with God as it's a really good learning and growing process for me. Drawing really close to him and learning to see what He is seeing, do what He is doing, and say what He is saying. Sometimes it feels really intense to in the moment sort through "Is this God? Is this me? Is this for everyone? Is this for me? Is this for now? Is this for later?"

Thankfully through my journey I've been able to learn to clearly recognize how God speaks to me on the fly. I'm sure I don't get it 100% right every time but I'm willing to risk the stepping out to see what God will say and do and how that will draw people to Him and release freedom in their lives. I'm always learning in this process as well.

So... I just thought I'd share a little of my process before I get into things, hopefully it can encourage you! I'm sure everyone's process is pretty individual but just know I don't get a manuscript floating down from heaven on what to say and when lol.

The picture (how I typically "hear" stuff from God) was of a familiar incident in the gospels. It was the woman who was caught in adultery standing in a circle surrounded by people (the religious community) who was ready to stone her for her choices.

I felt very strongly in the moment that God was saying that there were many people who were feeling surrounded on all sides and that people or circumstances were just coming at them continuously. Where it felt like there was no break, just a constant onslaught and no way out. And then I heard him say,


I felt the authority that His voice carries. It's intense.

As I pondered it all I realized that even when Israel was awaiting their Messiah they had expectations that he would come as a mighty warrior and king that would take back what they had lost by physical and political force. I felt that maybe that's often how we are expecting God to come through. That we expect to see this violent act of justice that brings us out of our circumstance.

But Jesus came as a lamb. And this is not to say that God does not show up in our lives in mighty and extraordinary ways (because He does) but in the situation with the woman about to be stoned Jesus uttered ONE sentence and one by one her accusers dropped their stones and walked away. Oh what power there is in the His words.

He is silencing your accusers today. He is dismantling accusations.

Revelation 12:10

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

“Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.

Thank you Jesus!

Later in the day a friend from church (JM) told me about the lyrics to one of the songs off of Hillsong United's new album "Wonder". This is a lyric from "Splinters and Stones"

You kneeled and wrote forgiveness in the dirt And one by one the stones fell where they lay As one by one my accusers walked away

If you need to soak in the truth of what God is doing for you today I encourage you to put this song on. Praise Him for the reality that He has hurled down the accuser. He is silencing every accusation.

Splinters and Stones - Hillsong United (Wonder Album)