Living in His Goodness

You know when you're in a certain season of life and it's like you can't help but pick up on that one thing every where you go? A good example is when you're expecting a baby - all you see are babies every where. I feel like this happens when God is revealing a part of his character to us, we start to see that character revealed everywhere.

Throughout October during our services I had several words all on separate Sunday's that I didn't take the chance to blog (honestly because I was feeling a little overwhelmed with life at the time) but now that I read through them all I see they all center around the goodness of God and our response to it.

I want to take the chance to share them here and digest them a little bit :) .

October 11

(as best as I can remember it)

"Shout it from the mountain tops that I am good and my love endures forever

My goodness is the stuff of “no eye has seen and no ear has heard”

You are not dreaming big enough My goodness is greater than you’re dreaming

You can not out ask or over ask of my goodness

I can not help but pour goodness on your life

It is my nature, it’s just who I am

Many of you have disqualified yourselves

You’ve put yourself in a corner and cut yourselves off from this goodness

You don’t get to disqualify yourself You’re my child That alone qualifies you

You need to step back into my goodness

If you’re not feeling it come towards me

Goodness is in my presence

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise” "

You’re not praising with thanksgiving because you’re in his court It’s HOW you get there!

If you want to be in His presence - praise! Give thanks! That’s your entry point.

In every dark, difficult part of your life - give thanks.

You’ll enter the presence and in His presence it is GOOD!

You don’t need to feel it, you just need to do it.

October 22

"If you could grasp the depth of my love for you,

you would not tolerate anything outside of my goodness.

If you could understand how much thought I put into you,

if you could understand my thoughts toward you,

you would not give attention to any other voice outside of mine.

If you could grasp who you really are,

the loving kindness I have towards you,

the goodness I have ahead of you,

you would tolerate NOTHING less."

So Lord, would you encounter us with your love today. We dismantle every wrong view we have of you in the name of Jesus. Lord we invite you to come to every hurt and raw place and reveal your love. We dismantle negativity, fear, anxiety and depression. Show us who we are. We are little kids coming to our dad and saying "please show me how much you love me?"

Lord we need revelation of our family line. Our identity. Roots to dig deep.

October 29

Get your hopes up! Get your hopes up!

If you expect people to fail you, you will see their failures.

But expect to see the good.

In your spouse, in your kids, in your friends. Expect MY goodness.

Look out into every situation you are facing and SEE THE HOPE!

It's not an IF, it's there!

He is your hope.

He works ALL things for the good of those who love Him.


Get your hopes up. Look for the hope.

Any thought that does not inspire hope is under the influence of a lie. (a little Bill Johnson quote there but I heard it all the same ;) lol ).

When I believe wrong