The Parable of the Splinter

Lies are something that we unknowingly or knowingly believe to be true. Often we aren't super aware that it's a lie.

Lies are like splinters.

They enter in a moment of pain or trauma and they hurt a lot! They hurt like a million times more than their apparent size. It’s ridiculous the pain a piece of wood a millimeter long can cause!

Have you ever had the pleasure of trying to dig out and remove a splinter? It's not fun! The entry site is raw, painful and tender. But if we can get that splinter out it heals up very quickly and it’s like nothing every happened.

But if we aren't able to get it out it’s a whole other story and so it is with lies.

Sometimes they go deep and we can’t get to them. Or it hurts too much to get to them. But the body is not in it’s natural peaceful state and it recognizes foreign matter and reacts. It gets inflamed.

Pain isn’t really our enemy. It’s just a signal that something is not right. Sometimes though we get really offended with our pain or the pain in others. We want to do anything we can to stop the pain.

When we’ve believed a lie our soul and spirit know something isn’t right and we often feel very tender in that area and we have pain.

I had a splinter I couldn’t get out and just the lightest brush against it sent pain shooting through my finger. There was a constant pain and when you’re in constant pain you get irritable.

When a lie is flaring up, it doesn’t take much to trigger our pain or our reaction. Just the slightest nudge. So if you ever find yourself overreacting to a situation it’s a good clue that there might be a lie in there.

Now what happens when you leave a splinter for a while? Does it stop hurting and just chill there? No, the body says you can’t stay and it starts to push it up and out. Our soul and spirit do the same with lies,

Lies aren't allowed to stay – and they start to push the lie up and out! When this happens the lie surfaces and things get real in a hurry. It hurts, it feels like it’s damaging other stuff on the way up and everything feels raw and inflamed around it.

But it’s good news – because when a lie surfaces is when it is the easiest to pluck it out. Just like a splinter. I couldn’t get mine out the other day so I left it for a whole day and it hurt a lot but then there it was. I could see it enough to grab it and it was out!

Often we feel the pain and we want to just stuff it down. Burry the lie but as long as it’s there it will impair function. With my splinter I couldn’t use my finger. It was completely out of commission until I got rid of that splinter.

When we can understand our pain as a signal light we can possibly face it a bit better and we can be intentional to look for the splinter and pluck it out.

Jesus said that when we know the truth the truth will set us free. Exposing/surfacing lies is a beautiful work of the Holy Spirit that gives us the opportunity to step into freedom in new areas.

I have experienced this type of healing in myself and in working with others and the resulting freedom is often astounding! I have had the Holy Spirit lead me to lies that were planted in childhood. Lies that were consistently reinforced by circumstances as I grew and were "issues", insecurities, places of pain, etc that I carried for most of my life. Most of my life that is until they were exposed, confronted and where the Holy Spirit rooted them out and replaced them with truth. It is such an exciting process!

Oftentimes when a lie is surfacing we don't recognize it for the process it is. We just feel raw. We fee triggered, we feel pain, sadness, despair, etc. I know that place. I understand that it is not a fun place to be. But I'm learning more and more to see the pain as a guage - a check engine light if you will, and to understand that there's a good chance a lie is ready to be moved out. I want to encourage you, if you're in that place, don't be afraid of walking through the pain to the freedom waiting for you on the other side. It's SO worth it. It's SO sweet. It's life changing.

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the root. To show you the lie.

Test the lie "Does this FEEL true?" Our minds might recognize it as not true but often our feelings show us what we really believe in this case.

Then ask the Holy Spirit to replace that lie with truth or to lead you to the other side.

It can be a lot to take on on your own so I totally recommend allowing others you trust into this journey with you and to be a part of the "unbinding" process that Jesus invited Lazarus's friends into after He raised him from the dead. Lies do that to us - the make us alive but bound.

Unbinding is a really beautiful thing.