What I'm Reading

Seeing as I often mention books that I'm reading that have inspired parts of the messages that I preach I've had several people ask if I would blog a list of what I'm reading so that others can find these great resources as well.

I read a lot of Christian non-fiction books - ones that go after biblical concepts and break them down into walking them out in daily life. I also read a lot of Christian/biblical fiction. What I love about these are that they bring you into the culture of a time period in a way that you don't get from history books. You find yourself identifying with the first members of the church, daily meeting and gathering wondering if today was the day Jesus would be returning (because He said He was coming back) and you feel their struggle to grasp how this man's life, death and resurrection are not only changing them but changing history.

Historical fiction is very well researched. If it wasn't, the author would come under such heavy criticism. Characters, circumstances and reactions may all be fiction but the setting, the customs, the beliefs, etc are all very true to the time.

One series that gave me tremendous insight into what it could have been like in the days immediately following Jesus's death and resurrection is The Acts of Faith series by T.Davis Bunn and Janette Oke. I've probably read every Janette Oke book in our church library as a 12 year old and though she wouldn't be my go to author now I found this partnership of authors created a wonderful series. There are three books that take you through this journey of the early church and they are The Centurion's Wife, The Hidden Flame and The Damascus Way.

My preferred method of getting books is ebook or on my Kindle (I'm impatient and like to have it instantly and I don't like to store physical books) so I'll link that first.

Here is the whole series in one physical book:

If you want to listen to the message these books inspired called "Flipping Tables" you can either click on my Media link on this site or watch it here.

Another really cool book that is more of a devotional is Louie Giglio and Matt Redman's "Indescribable". They have both spent a lot of time studying the universe and galaxies and have written a devotional exploring how God reveals himself through the heavens. We have been studying our universe in homeschool and are constantly blown away by the creativity of our God and how small we are. Yet in our insignificance He has given us great value and significance.


There is also a kid's version that I'd love to get and is on my purchase list!

And the Kindle version ;)

If you want to watch the message that this book and our study of the universe inspired you can check out "A Hundred Billion" on Youtube.

Alright... last up for this post is a historical fiction that my husband and I just started called "Counted with the Stars". We were looking for an audiobook to listen to while we drove a ton on an extended road trip. This book has a really interesting perspective as it's told through the eyes of an Egyptian during Israel's exodus. We are both so intrigued by the Egyptian culture and what it would've been like to live through the plagues.

We haven't finished it yet but we're enjoying what we're reading so far.

If you've never tried out an audio book I encourage you to check out Audible! We love listening to audio books as we drive, the kids and I listen to them daily for school and it's even great to play while you're making supper! You can get a free one month trial and TWO FREE audio books by clicking this link. That's a $30 value!

Or the U.S. version of Audible here:

Also... if you're ordering books and want them fast be sure to sign up for Amazon Prime to get free 2 day shipping! There are also so many other benefits to a membership and you can try it for free for 30 days!

I hope you find something you enjoy reading! Stay tuned as I'm working on mine and Dean's top marriage resources post!