Moses and Aaron

It was so good being back with our church family after being away on an extended road trip. During the first part of our service started to "see" a picture of Moses and Aaron and felt a quickening in my spirit. So I started to ask God about it... "What do you want me to see here? What about Moses and Aaron?"

What He answered was a lot of interesting revelation.

I then saw Moses telling God that he was not equipped or capable of speaking to Pharaoh and demanding the release of the Israelites. God had called him to an impossible task. A terrifying task. Moses said "There's no way I can do this. I'm not a good speaker." I feel like most of us would expect a response of "I called you to do it so you can do it. Suck it up Moses and do what you're called to do." How often do we hear that God won't give us anything we can't handle? Did you know that is not a verse in the Bible? I would even go as far as to challenge that I don't even think it's biblical at all. (First because God does not bring trouble into our lives - He can't give things He doesn't have. There is no disease in heaven so I personally don't believe God gives diseases to people. That's enemy territory. Second, it's based on the verse in 1 Corinthians that says "you will not be tempted beyond what you can bear". That's different than going through hard circumstances.) I'd argue that there is LOTS in this life that we can't handle on our own.

But I digress... so God does not respond with a charge to suck it up. He actually decides to bring Aaron in to do the speaking for Moses. God in His mercy and wisdom gave Moses someone to walk through this challenge with, to stand beside him and to be strength in his weakness. If you follow the story of Moses you will see that Aaron did not continue always doing the speaking for Moses. With his support Moses grew into his calling and purpose and was able to speak to Pharaoh and lead Israel.

I felt God's heart that morning and now that God was saying " I see you who are lonely. I see you who are hurting." I felt that God was urging us to come to Him with those needs and ask and believe for Him to bring people into our lives that would be Aarons. Friends who would walk with us through messy parts of life, who would celebrate with us in times of peace and joy, who would be strong where we are weak and call us higher. People who would sharpen us, urge us forward and love us. I felt that he was also urging us to BE Aarons for other people, to be intentional to build those relationships and to have the courage to stand with others in their impossibilities.

If this resonates with you at all I want to encourage you to press in, to ask and believe for God to bring an Aaron into your life. Or maybe you're praying for that in your child's or your spouses life (I've done both and seen God faithful time and time again).

God we thank you right now that you are ever present and ever faithful. Thank you that you have designed us to live as family and community. Thank you that you are all sufficient but yet you bless us with gratifying relationships that bring beauty and joy to your lives. I ask that for every person who is in this place of needing an Aaron that you would provide one. I ask that you bring these people into our lives, that you help us grow relationships that are already there and teach us how to walk in authentic, loving relationships with the people in our lives. I pray that you would give us wisdom and courage to pursue relationship and not hide ourselves away.

As you go throughout your week I implore you to ask God what your part in this process is. There will always be things that are on God's plate and things that are on yours. Trust him with His part and be faithful to steward your part.

A couple of ideas on how you can do your part this week are:

* Plan to meet someone for coffee that you haven't spent a lot of time with but would like to know better

* Find an event in your community that you can go to in the next month where you will meet new people (could be class at the library, a bible study, a mom's and tot's play group, etc).

* Choose to let a friend into a vulnerable place in your life where you are struggling. Give someone the opportunity to support and love you through that.

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