House of Willms

I was recently asked on insta to share a home tour with you all. What a fun request! Seeing as we live, school and work in our home it's pretty important to us that it be a calm, welcoming place that functions well for us. I can say wholeheartedly that I absolutely LOVE my home. It's not a massive home, it has it's quirks but it really works for us.

When we were house shopping we asked our realtor to find us a character home with a wrap around veranda (both my husband and I grew up in old character homes) and she found a house not on the market (that previously had been) and asked them to sell it to us. They did! It needed a TON of work. Over the years we have done the work and then done it again as our skills and confidence grew.

I'd say my style is fairly eclectic. A mix of farmhouse, boho and industrial. It's filled with things we love and we're always working to clear out the clutter.

Living Room

This room has the bulk of our Christmas decor and thus feels a little cluttered at the moment. But it's cozy :) We currently go into full Hygge mode each evening as the sun sets and no lights are on except the tree, twinkle lights and candles. (You can click the pictures to enlarge them).

School Room

We homeschool and so have developed this front parlour into our school room. A lot of our work does get done here but we also utilize the whole house. Being in a 100 year old house means there is almost no storage and we have had to custom build most of it ourselves.

On either side of the window we built floor to ceiling shallow cabinets to hold all of our school materials. In the one mini corner you'll see my "teacher nook" with my big comfy floral reading chair, a wall filer to hold all our random daily papers and a magazine holder with my iPad, journals and planners. Our entry way also opens right into this room.


The kitchen in this house was an addition. A very old one - we found newspapers in the wall from 1918. It's a little sloped and poorly insulated but oh well. Ha. I fully intended to paint the shiplap (faux) that I put in but I'm still loving the natural wood tones so for now it stays.

Bedroom & Bathroom

Here we have another case of "added shiplap to paint white and am still loving the natural wood tone...". One February break I brought home skads of underlayment ripped into 8 inch strips and spent 5 days shiplapping all the things.

Now there is more to our house than these rooms but I've given myself grace not to get around photographing them at this point. I'll definitely try to update this post at some point. The basement includes the kids rec room, laundry and a mini woodworking shop for me. Our kids share a bedroom :).

Like I said before we love our home. I'm a firm believer in "love the home you're in". We invest in our space and are intentional about it's function and feel. We believe less is usually more. When I'm struggling to find spaces for all of our stuff it doesn't mean we need a bigger house - it means we need less stuff lol. I love to change things up and improve our house but I also have a strong sense that I don't want our lives to be a revolving renovation. I crave rest and contentment. This currently means my butcher block countertops have been sitting ready to install for the last year. It doesn't bug me - I'm glad they're there for when the motivation strikes ;).

We usually have a list of ideas we want to at some point implement. At the top of that list right now is a fireplace in the living room. After spending so many weeks in the mountains this year we asked "How can we bring part of this feeling into our home in the prairies?" Our answer was a fireplace so that's where we're headed.

Do you love your home? What are some ways you're intentional with your space?

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