The Boss Club for Kids

If you've known me for any length of time you know that I'm pretty passionate about teaching my kids solid business principles at an early age. We live in a day and age where there are more resources available to independent business owners than ever before. I see all the funny memes about people wishing their education had included more about entrepreneurship, financial management and taxes than parallelograms and the unknown variables. They're funny cause it's true. Thankfully we had a few rogue teachers that taught us how to do our own taxes and get a SIN, etc.

My own kids have been having to calculate the cost of doing business on their lemonade stands since Kindergarten and I've created a Business and Entrepreneurship Course for Youth and been able to lead workshops for teens on the subject. It is such valuable learning and that's why I was so excited to come across the company Boss Club Co.

Boss Club Co. has created business kits for kids and they are as awesome as they sound! Currently you can choose between three businesses:

* Homemade Dog Treats

* Luxury Bath Bombs

* Gourmet Cake Pops

In each kit you'll find EVERYTHING you need for your children to launch a business. This is my favourite part as a parent because having make trips to the grocery store for supplies and packaging takes a lot of time. This box shows up at your doorstep and it has everything you need. My kids chose the Homemade Dog Treats Business and in their kit were all the ingredients portioned out for the recipe, labels, ingredient stickers, bags for packaging the treats, flyers, the bone cookie cutter, notecards, thank you cards, coupons and the complete guidebook to walk them through creating their business step by step.

We did a little bit of the process each day, starting with naming their company "2nd Street Treats", creating a logo, writing a note about their company to connect with customers, calculating their cost of doing business, etc.

The treats were simple to make and are made from quality ingredients. They prepared and packaged them, calculated profit margins and discussed the pros and cons of various selling methods.

The whole process is made so simple but it's very true to authentic business principles. It covers all the processes that I need to go through in the various businesses that I (and all other business owners) need to go through but in a distilled down version for kids.

The guidebook is thorough but not overwhelming in any way. It takes kids through the process in a logical sequence and I really appreciated that they had various options for calculating the cost of doing business (Easy, Medium, Hard).

Another thing I noted is that the business principles included are key for a business of good character and integrity. The creators aren't just teaching kids how to make a buck, they are promoting excellent customer care (connecting with clients, sending thank you cards, rewarding repeat customers etc), great value for dollar, wholesome ingredients and giving back to your community with a portion of your profits. I think these are all so important and they are foundations I want my kids to know and practice early on in all of their entrepreneurship endeavours.

This kit has really been such a great experience for the kids and SO much easier than all of the other businesses they have run (that required a lot of running and supply fetching from me ;) ). I think these would be a wonderful option for a Christmas gift this season. Not only will your kids get invaluable experience running their own business but they'll also be able to earn money through the sale of their product.

For homeschooling families such as ours this is obviously such a great resource for teaching your kids about the foundations of business. Boss Club Co offers refill kits as well so you can keep your businesses running.

My kids are excited to start selling today - if you live on 2nd St. you'll likely see them. It's no coincidence that they chose a dog treat business when they live on a block where every neighbour has a dog but us lol.