Frozen 2 | Day Plan

Disney+ is releasing Frozen 2 early and it arrives in Canada on March 17 (I think the U.S. may have it already?) I thought it'd make for a fun homeschooling day. Disclaimer - I haven't seen the movie yet (my kids went without me) so I'll be watching it on the 17th!

Just like the "Ish" day plan I'm just going to leave an assortment of activities here that you can choose to work through if you wish. They're just suggestions - leave some out, rearrange, add your own, do what you want with it!

Activity 1: Movie

Watch the movie Frozen 2. If you don't have Disney+ you can get a 1 week free trial.


Activity 2: Go outside

Nothing fancy here but after you sit for that long it's a good idea to get moving!

Activity 3: Mystery Science

Mystery Science is such an amazing resource. I've chosen 2 science lessons that you could go through that relate to snow and the cold.

* I think you'll have to sign up for the free account to access these. It's worth it.

How Could You Warm Up a Frozen Playground

Why Is Snow White?

*Note - go check out the activity instructions before you start with your kids. Each lesson needs you to print some things out and prep a couple of things. If you don't want to do the activity the lesson is still worth watching. They'll demonstrate the activity as well so you can still learn from it even if it's not hands on.

Activity 4: Frozen Yoga

Here's another Cosmic Kids Yoga story for you!

Frozen Yoga

Activity 5: Art

Wax Resist Watercolour Snowflake

I've linked the website and instructions for this fun activity. It's so pretty!

You could also try this Snowflake Salt Painting

Activity 6: Snowflake Science

Here are a couple videos on the science of snowflakes. The first is more appropriate for probably grade 4 and up.

The Science of Snowflakes

Where Do Snowflakes Come From?

The fictional town Arendelle is located in Norway. This is a fun connection to learn a little about the country of Norway. Here is a free packet of resources.

Norway Geography Printables

Activity 8: Math

I'll try and provide a few simple activities that would work for various grade levels.

K-3 - Cut out an assortment of shapes (circles, skinny rectangles, triangles, etc). Have you child create snowflake patterns with the shapes. A pattern implies that they aren't random so for example if one of the six arms of a snowflake has a rectangle then a triangle and then a circle, each arm should be the same.

4-7 - Draw various snowflakes using a ruler and then measure the interior angles within the snowflake using a protractor.

Identify each angle as either acute, right or obtuse.

8+ - I'm not sure I can figure out a themed connection lol. Check out IXL, Mathletics or Khan academy and pick out a lesson on shapes or angles :)

Activity 9: Outdoor Time

Go outside! Play.