Turtle Day Plan

This may seem like an odd choice for a themed day but trust me... it's going to be a good one! In the river we most often paddle board there is an area that we've named Snapperland (because we were studying Vikings at the time and they name everything something-land - like Vineland, Iceland, Greenland, etc)... anyways. This area of the river as a TON of Snapping Turtles - thus Snapperland.

And if you've ever seen a snapping turtle, well they look pre-historic. We've had so much fun learning about snappers and I think you will too.

Homeschool Disclaimer Tidbit

* This is just a guide. Take stuff, leave stuff, add stuff, rearrange stuff. Pay attention to your kids and go with the flow!

First up I'm going to introduce you to one of our favourite nature channels - Brave Wilderness with Coyote Peterson.

Activity 1: Videos

* Maybe preview these if you have sensitive kids as Coyote is going to let a snapping turtle bite him in a few of these!

World's Most Famous Snapping Turtle

Bitten By a Snapping Turtle


CRazy Snapping Turtle Bite


Alligator Snapping Turtle VS Common Snapping Turtle


* There are more, keep watching if they're interested!

Activity 2: Outside Time

Get outside. Bonus points if you can get near water. Take a walk by the river or go puddle jumping.

Activity 3: Story Time

We Found a Hat - Jon Klassen (read by Ryan and Craig)


Activity 4: Science

This is just a 5 minute mini lesson. Can a turtle live outside of its shell?


Ask your kids to write down or verbalize some questions they have about snapping turtles. What do they wonder?

Go to this website and find answers to your questions.

BioKids - Snapping Turtles

Activity 5: Language Arts + Art

Let's combine some writing and art today. Your goal is to come up with your very own comic strip with your own made up characters.

Comic Strip Activity

- A snapping turtle is going to be the star of your comic. Draw a simple snapping turtle that is easy to reproduce (don't make it too detailed). Check out this video by the author of We Found a Hat


Here's an example of a super simple comic strip. Don't over complicate it!

- Now you need to create a sidekick or friend for your snapping turtle. Your friend should be something that would also be found in or around the snapping turtle's habitat.

* You could turn Pigeon (from Mo Willems books) into a Canada Goose. Here's a video with Mo Willems showing how to doodle Pigeon


- Illustrate this character as well

- Take a piece of paper and draw a cross to make 4 sections.

- Talk through possible funny incidents that could happen to a snapping turtle

- Talk about simple landscapes for their comics

- Create your comic!