Narwhal Day Plan

Does it get more magical than Narwhals? I mean they're the unicorns of the sea!

My 35 year old friend just recently learned that Narwhals are real and I got to witness the moment. There were tears of joy. This day is dedicated to you Dani! ;)

My favourite Narwhal books are the Narwhal and Jelly series. I've had a hard time finding a decent read aloud of the first book but we'll make use of what we can! (Ahem - Ryan and Craig please read a Narwhal and Jelly book!)

*I know these day plans are heavy on videos but it's just the only way to get these books to everyone so that you don't need to physically have a copy : )

Activity 1 : Reading

Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt | Book 2 by Ben Clanton

Peanut Butter and Jelly | Book 3 by Ben Clanton

Narwhal's Otter Friend | Book 4 by Ben Clanton

Then check out this video about the author Ben Clanton


Activity 2: Art

Draw Narwhal and Jelly with Art for Kids Hub!

You'll just need paper and a black sharpie (or just use pencil).

Activity 3: OUTSIDE TIME

Go play outside!

Activity 4: Music

This one will mostly appeal to the younger crowd.

Sing along to the Narwhal and Jelly song :)

Narwhal and Jelly Song

Activity 5: Science

How Deep Does the Ocean Go - Mystery Science

Why is the Ocean Salty? - Mystery Science

Weird Animals - Narwhals

Narwhals : Unicorns of the Sea

Activity 6: Show Time and a Snack

Take a little break to watch this Wild Kratts episode on Narwhals and have a little snack!

Wild Kratts - Horn and Tusk Power Youtube

Activity 7: Nature Journal

We really enjoy keeping a learning journal or a nature journal. In it we artistically represent what we're learning and combine it with factual information as well.

You don't need to have a journal, you can just use a piece of paper.

Draw or paint a realistic looking narwhal.

Then label the parts of the narwhal.

Then add bits of interesting information like what they eat, where they live, how deep can they dive, what are their predators (if they have them), etc.

This FACT SHEET could be helpful. Also refer back to the information you learned in the videos as well.

Activity 8: Math

Again - try Khan Academy, Mathletics, IXL for online math options.

You can also try for math printables (10 free per month).

Activity 9: Create Your Own Animal (Writing)

Let's be honest - narwhals feel like they could be fictional. Have fun creating your own animal and writing a very scientific fact file on the animal.

Use this template to fill in your information.

Animal File Template

Activity 10: Bedtime Story

Use the 1 month free trial for VOOKS to access this Slumberkins story about a Narwhal cleaning up the ocean.

Slumberkins Presents | Narwhal

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